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Once you become a RS Plumbing and Electrical customer, you'll appreciate the quality and professionalism of our work. RS Plumbing and Electrical is an excellent cost-effective plumbing and electrical service for contractors and homeowners.
The Plumbing and Electrical contractors board PEB is a system and process whereby a licensed Plumbing and Electrical contractor install the Plumbing and Electrical work by confirmed Plumbing and Electrical company. Compliant to the relevant authorities and insurance company. Through the process protect plumber and electrician they shall take ownership for their Plumbing and Electrical work and be held accountable for services rendered. Bloemfontein Plumbing and Electrical Certificates are issued by licensed plumbers and electricians to certify that the Plumbing and Electrical work complies with national regulatory installations requirements. RS Plumbing and Electrical services will be submit certificates for most Plumbing and Electrical work. RS Plumbing and Electrical services total value of work, including materials, labour (material costs must be included, regardless of whether the materials were supplied by another person) RS Plumbing and Electrical services installation, relocation or replacement of any Electric Water Heating System, regardless of the cost RS Plumbing and Electrical construction, installation or alteration of any above or below ground sanitary drain; regardless, terms and conditions applies . RS Plumbing and Electrical installation, relocation or replacement of any Hot Water Solar Water Heating System RS Plumbing and Electrical certificate of compliance shall be issued to the relevant owner with five working days of the completion of the said Plumbing and Electrical works. Only a licensed plumber / electrician may purchase and issue compliance certificates. In South Africa it is illegal for any person who works on Plumbing and Electrical installation if he/she is not a qualified plumber / electrician or not working under the adequate supervision of a qualified plumber / electrician. Registered persons under the category of qualified plumbers / electrician are qualified plumbers / electrician and may carry out plumbing and electrical works and may supervise non-qualified plumbers / electrician or plumbing and electrical learners, however they will not be allowed to purchase Plumbing and Electrical Certificate Compliance for Plumbing and Electrical installations.

Plumbing Residential & Commercial

Water Supply & Sanitation

We offer a full range of plumbing fixture repair and replacement services. Whether you need to repair a leaking toilet, bath or geyser, we offer our commitment to quality work.


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Sewage Disposal

Drainage Cleaning & Repair

If you have a seriously clogged drain, you should call for drain cleaning services. At RS Plumbing and Electrical we not only remove nasty clogs but also install new drains when necessary, as part of the solution.

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Eco Friendly

Electricity cost Efficiency

For commercial clients we do maintenance service contracts, service level agreements, maintaining and ensuring clean power to tenants and retail stores which avoids unnecessary down-time. We use the highest quality products adhering to the strictest SABS specifications, which ensures the quality of our work and lasts longer.

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Safety and Maintenance

RS Plumbing and Electrical will come to your home or business to assess the issue and explain in detail on how to resolve it. We offer up front pricing so you know what the cost is before we start work.

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